Apple is to add more video functionality to its product range, according to reports.

CBS Marketwatch claims MPEG manufacturer C-Cube is to make an Apple-related announcement in conjunction with its first quarter earnings result on April 24.

The announcement follows Apple’s huge impact at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) event this year, where the company attracted more support and more third-party manufacturers than ever before.

In order to create a DVD movie, movie-makers need MPEG-2 media. For this they need to capture video directly into MPEG-2 or re-compress existing media. Solutions exist to perform software compression, but they are slow. To compress video directly into MPEG-2, specialized MPEG hardware is required. Industry observers predict Apple may add C-Cube’s MPEG chips to its machines, so MPEG-2 video could be captured directly through the PowerMac’s FireWire ports.

Last week, C-Cube announced it would be supplying its MPEG chips to both Matrox and Pinnacle. Apple has been working closely with both companies recently.

In related news, C-Cube’s CEO and co-founder Dr. Alex Balkanski has been named as one of the 21 most influential DVD executives for his important contribution to MPEG development. He is cited as one of the innovators who made MPEG the global standard it has become today by online publication DVD Report.