Apple's new iMac may not ship in volume until early October.

French-language Mac Web site, MacBidouille, reports that delivery estimates for early orders are scheduled for September 26, adding that its sources at Ingram Micro are offering a more conservative October 5 availability date.

Apple has warned that it expects demand for the product to outstrip supply. Company vice president of hardware product marketing Greg Joswiak told Macworld US: "People get excited about our products - that's good, and in no way do I want to dampen that, but the reality is with any new product, it's hard to imagine any example where [a shortage] isn't the case."

Shortages are certainly the case for Apple in the UK. Macworld sources report that around 70,000 iPod minis remain on backorder - and just 17,000 were delivered by August 21, at which point the company had a very full pre-order book.

A source also told Macworld that the last delivery of 2GHz G5 Power Macs was made June 18, and that only a fraction of other Power Mac pre-orders are being currently fulfilled on a monthly basis.

Apple's eMac also appears in short supply in the UK. There's conflicting reports, but a source said: 'I know that there are only about 200 eMacs around the UK." Another source told Macworld that as of August 21, 658 eMacs had been allocated of 4,100 ordered.

One UK reseller told Macworld UK: "I expect Apple to get this sorted out in the next weeks, as it approaches the end of its financial quarter."

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