Apple could be banned from exhibiting at the Macworld Expo and conference San Francisco in January 2003.

This is the latest development in the fracas between the event’s organizers, IDG World Expo, and Apple.

According to MacCentral reports, IDG World Expo President and CEO Charlie Greco said the organization might not allow Apple to exhibit at the upcoming January Expo in San Francisco.

This comes after Apple said in a statement to MacCentral on Thursday that it would "continue to participate in Macworld San Francisco in January."

Apple announced last week that it would not be appearing at Macworld Expo Boston in July 2004.

Earlier that week, IDG World Expo revealed plans to move Macworld Expo and Conference from its four-year main stay in New York, to Boston.

High costs were cited as the reason for Apple’s withdrawal.

Greco said: "I don't think it's fair that Apple discriminates against its users on the East Coast by cherry picking what Macworld event they plan to attend.

"We're considering telling them not to attend the San Francisco show if they believe one coast has more value than another; they have certainly determined that one city has more value than another."

No negotiations have taken place between the two companies so far, though they are scheduled to talk later today.

Macromedia and Adobe are two other tech heavy weights that have pulled out of Macworld Expo and Conference. Adobe hasn’t exhibited for the past two years, while Macromedia did not attend this year’s Macworld Expo in New York.

IDG World Expo and Macworld UK are owned by IDG.