Apple is planning a pilot run of an international online film festival next year, according to the San Diego Screenwriter's Association (SDSA) yesterday.

Apple's movie move could be considered an appropriate one for the company as it enters the year that marks twenty years since it screened its landmark '1984' ad at the US Superbowl, and introduced the Mac.

The news comes in SDSA's announcement that award-winning director/producer Marc Anthony Massimei of MAPresents will be a guest speaker at its next meeting, which takes place tomorrow (December 3).

Massimei will present a movie called Purgatory. The SDSA calls this: "a short film Marc directed and produced for Apple Computer's pilot run of the online film festival tentatively scheduled to debut internationally in early 2004 at"

The presentation will focus on digital filmmaking on a Mac, and screenwriting for low-budget, high-quality movies in High Definition format.

More information is available online.