Apple is a finalist for a prestigious US life sciences award.

The Life Science Executive Exchange - an online community of senior executives - together with The Scientist and The Science Advisory Board have announced the finalists of the 2006 Life Science Industry Awards.

The awards aim to recognise life science suppliers in 18 categories across the field, from cell biology to image analysis systems, and beyond. The shortlist was determined by a survey of over 2,400 scientists from the field, who were asked to vote for the companies that have made the greatest contributions to life science technology in the past year.

Apple is one of 23 finalists. Other companies include Dell, Applied Biosystems, Kodak Molecular Imaging Systems (Eastman Kodak) and others. Winners will be announced on April 3.

Karen Blaine, executive director of The Life Science Executive Exchange said: "Suppliers that exemplify cutting-edge innovation and customer support deserve recognition for their contributions to the advancement of the life sciences. What makes these awards so unique is that the recognition comes not only from the scientific customers who choose the winners but also from their colleagues in industry who will be in attendance."