Symbiot has announced a new product for the enterprise that employs Apple's Xserve G5 to deliver "the next evolution in information security".

Dubbed the 'Intelligent Security Infrastructure Management Systems' (iSIMS) platform, the product maintains security on a network, watching out for hostile attacks, such as denial-of-service or hacker interference.

What's crucial about iSIMS, however, is its capacity to respond intelligently to such attacks, even to the extent of mounting counterattacks against hostiles.

Symbiot president Michael Erwin told O'Reilly: "No company has delivered a system to the commercial marketplace that has the ability to strike back against network-based attacks. Our technology's counterstrike capacity is not constrained, but instead follows a military model for applying a "graduated response" against malicious attackers."

iSIMS sits within a network, and is capable of interoperating with existing infrastructure, so Virtial Private Networks, firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems. Once added to a network, the product will watch and assess common network activity, automatically building a risk framework it can refer to so it can assess and address threats.

Integrated solution

Symbiot president Michael Erwin said: "Symbiot's iSIMS provides the ability to highlight the most significant threats from an overwhelming number of security events that occur every day on our customers' enterprise networks

"Our solution quickly and easily determines which events will have the most impact on their network operations, and we measure that impact in dollar terms."

"Merely erecting defensive walls around the perimeter of an enterprise network is no longer an adequate deterrent," he said.

Customers subscribing to the service receive hardware, software, service and support. They also gain access to Symbiot.NET. The latter offers a constantly updated knowledge base and software updates, in addition to a repository of attacker profiles. These profiles let iSIMS identify attackers, evaluate their methods and intent, and recommend appropriate countermeasures.

As of March 23, Symbiot is offering special iSIMS price incentives for a limited time – a two-year subscription costs $4,000 per month with a 60-day no-obligation trial of the service available for $12,500.