Apple is already on the top deck, but the rest of the media industry is intent catching the Podcasting boat, who's arrival caught nearly everyone off guard, writes Associated Press.

"There's a bigger prize out there," states the report, "the company that manages to become the go-to Web site for podcasts could gain enough leverage to strike favorable deals with proven content providers, and generate cash by charging for subscriptions and advertising."

At the moment Apple is in the winners lane. "If anyone is positioned to win big on podcasting, it's Apple", states the report, noting that Apple has added 3,000 podcasts to its podcasting directory in the iTunes music store. More than a million podcasts were downloaded in the first two days the service was active.

The hurdle at the moment is creating a way for music copyright owners to get paid for music used in podcasts. "Gaining legal access to popular music may be what's needed for podcasting to become profitable. Without music, skeptics doubt there is any money in it," writes the report.