Apple has released an update to QuickTime 7 that fixes a security hole.

Apple says the QuickTime 7.0.1 update fixes a security issue where a QuickTime Movie containing a maliciously crafted Quartz Composer object could leak data to an arbitrary web location.

"Quartz Composer objects can be wrapped in a QuickTime track and delivered as a QuickTime movie. With QuickTime 7.0, a Quartz Composer object can gather local data and send it using an encoded URL to an arbitrary web location. The QuickTime 7.0.1 update modifies the QuickTime Quartz Composer Plugin to prevent access to remote web locations," Apple explains.

Apple has also improved compatibility with Final Cut Studio in this update and fixed a number of bugs.

Macworld reminds QuickTime Pro 6 users not to install QuickTime 7 unless they wish to purchase another key.