The Apple Expo in Paris will be renamed Apple Expo Europe, and will be the only European Expo supported by Apple.

Alan Hely, Apple Europe confirmed the strategy to Macworld today, he said: "We are focused on making the event significant to the European Mac community." This reflects Apple's current pan-European marketing strategy.

Apple Expo France, 1999, had 100,000 attendees and over 25 per cent of the exhibitors were new.

A source at Apple UK said: "Though it's [Apple Expo France] a big show, it attracts very little cross-border traffic." Hely confirmed that a number of special events are planned to help attract visitors from beyond France.

He also confirmed that the show will be marketed extensively as part of Apple’s pan-European marketing strategy.

The show takes place in Paris from September 13-17.

Apple is promising a travelling, cross-border Web Authoring event in the next quarter. A special event for newspaper professionals is also planned, but only in the UK. The event will showcase solutions Apple and its partners have for this sector of the market. The event is set for May 10 and will be by invite only.