Apple has released Mac OS X 10.4.1, its first update for Tiger.

The update is available through Software Update and also as a standalone installer.

"This update offers many reliability and compatibility improvements," Apple says. These affect: Mail and Address Book; Dashboard widgets; .Mac, iSync, and syncing; Safari and iLife; and many other enhancements.

The company warns of "unexpected results" if a user installing the upgrade has third-party system software modifications installed. Apple has published a troubleshooting document detailing what should be done in the event of installation problems.

Selected update highlights

Address Book subgroups (groups within groups) might not sync correctly during .Mac syncing, which this update fixes.

iSync support for the Motorola V180 and better compatibility for Motorola V551 mobile phones.

Safari no longer unexpectedly quits when Control-clicking some kinds of PDFs or graphics within a Safari window. Causes of some iPhoto and iDVD unexpected crashes have also been addressed.

When printing a PDF webpage file that had been saved from Safari (with the Safari printing option "Print Web page information in headers and footers" deselected), only a gray bar would print, the update fixes this.

A selection of wireless access point compatibility and usability problems have also been resolved.

Apple has released an extensive list of other fixes in the release.