Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen sees Apple "much more as a friend", he revealed in an extensive interview about his company.

Chizen accepts that Apple will develop its own software that sometimes competes with Adobe's, but believes a strong Apple to be "a good thing". He also revealed an "appropriately close" relationship with Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who warned Chizen at Apple's Intel-migration plans.

Despite the work such plans will require from applications developers, such as Adobe, Chizen is also optimistic on Apple's move to Intel processors: "In the long term it's great because it allows production of faster, more powerful computers that can be more affordable than today," he told

On China, Microsoft

The company CEO also discussed the inherent challenge of the Chinese market. That booming market offers foreign firms major challenges in terms of piracy rates and the centralised state control of many industries.

Microsoft remains stiff competition for Adobe, particularly given recent plans from Redmond to compete with Adobe's industry-standard PDF. Chizen is sanguine on his company's chance.

"Apple will continue to compete with a wave of computing against Microsoft," he observed.

Can Redmond tempt the best?

He also pointed out that Microsoft's employee base has changed. Where before the firm used stock options to attract "the best and the brightest" from around the world, lack of movement in the company's stock has reduced the value proposition it has for potential workers.

The full and extensive interview is available here