Hewlett Packard and Apple have invested in Ofoto, a consumer-orientated, online photography-service.

Ofoto offers digital-photo archiving, editing and print processing to Internet-savvy digital camera users. Apple and Hewlett Packard are two major names in the group of investors providing Ofoto with $41 million in its second round of funding.

Other investors included the Rosewood Venture Group, Benchmark Capital, Index Ventures and the Barksdale Group. The funding is earmarked to help Ofoto maintain its services and develop new ones.

Apple recently announced its new strategy of placing the Mac at the centre of every wired household as a "digital hub". HP has a similar vision, based on a fantasy-future place called CoolTown. HP's idea gathers the Internet, computing, wireless technology and everyday tasks together, assembling them all into a digital, wireless future.