Yorkshire has a reason for pride as York University today opens one of the world's most important centres for the study of the human brain.

The centre is called the York NeuroImaging Centre and cost £5.2 million - and the computer technology is supplied by an Apple G5 cluster - the most powerful such cluster in the UK -

The Centre is developing research programmes for studies of autism, epilepsy, dementia and stroke and is actively encouraging collaborative projects with the local and regional NHS.

The centre's two brain scanners cost £3.5 million each and are among the most powerful in the UK.

University vice-chancellor professor Brian Cantor said: "This Centre places York in the forefront of the study of the human brain, not only in the UK but worldwide."

A £100 million technology investment programme is to be channelled over the next ten years to promote 'Science Cities' for the North, starting with Manchester, Newcastle and York.