Apple yesterday, filed a lawsuit at Santa Clara County Superior Court, California, against an undisclosed individual in order to prevent persistent leaks of its trade secrets.

The individual has posted Apple’s trade secrets on the Internet. Apple is demanding an injunction against the person to prevent further disclosures. The company is also requesting a financial settlement.

MacNN reports that the suit says: "Apple does not know the true name of the defendant," and that Apple has promised to amend its suit, stating the "true name" of the defendant, "once Apple discovers this information".

Reports suggest that the suit may be part of an ongoing campaign by Apple to prevent disclosures similar to recent AppleInsider revelations regarding the G4 Cube before its announcement. Apple put pressure on both Mac News Network and AppleInsider to remove this information from their Web sites. It also recently leant on the UK-based MacCards site, to protect its corporate image.