Apple has been granted a little extra time to respond to claims that its iTunes terms of service breach Scandinavian consumer protection laws.

Regulators in Denmark, Norway and Sweden have agreed to allow Apple until August 1 to respond to their concerns. The company had originally been given until June 21 to answer.

They contacted Apple last week to tell the company that its service conditions go against certain consumer rights, in particular by restricting playback to iPods and iTunes alone. They want Apple to change its digital rights management system so consumers can play back music they have acquired on their choice of music player.

"We know our Norwegian colleagues are prepared to take the issue to court and, of course, if they get a ruling in Norway it will be very interesting for us because our consumer laws are so similar," Marlene Winter of Denmark's National Consumer Agency told Reuters.

Should Scandinavia's courts declare iTunes guilty of violating local laws, Apple could be fined and forced to close its service there.

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