Apple is highlighting its Apple Digital Campus programme on its US hotnews site.

The Apple Digital Campus provides educators with a "blueprint for implementing innovative technology that transforms teaching and learning", according to Apple. The programme has been adopted by a number of colleges and universities in the US.

The first five universities to join the community – Duke University, Pen State, Ohio State University, University of Missouri's School of Journalism, and Stanford University, "came out" on the final day of the NLII Annual Meeting in January 2005. Each institution talked about the projects they've worked on in partnership with Apple.

A number of projects are highlighted on the dedicated Web site.

One of the first key events happened in April when Apple and the University of Missouri-Columbia hosted 140 higher education and industry leaders from the state of Missouri and around the country at an interactive conference "designed to make higher education more relevant for today's "digital generation" of students."

Associate professor of journalism Mike McKean wrote: "We desperately need to re-design higher education to meet the needs and lifestyles of the digital generation. Through our connection with Apple, the School of Journalism is leading the way with cutting-edge changes to an already highly-respected program. This conference will let us share that expertise with other institutions that want to transform their curricula."