Apple has reached a $1.2 million deal with Detroit Public Schools.

News of the deal leaked in August, when Apple was reported to have agreed to take part in a project to launch an initiative called, Detroit Digital Learning Community at Crockett High School.

The Learning Community will be wireless, and students there will do everything, including taking notes, with the equipment.

It's a four-year deal which sees "the district get about 780 laptops, as well as iPods, digital cameras and computer software", The Detroit News claims.

240 laptops will go to Crocket, while another 14 Detroit Middle schools will share the rest.

Apple is also to give the district over 100 days worth of technology and teaching support, including on-site help in classrooms, the report adds.

Chief academic officer Juanita Clay Chambers said that computers are "reshaping the whole teaching and learning environment. We have found that type of learning has motivated (children) to do a better job."

More details on the scheme are expected to be revealed during a press conference in Detroit today.