Analysts at SG Cowen have joined those from Piper Jaffray, predicting Apple's third quarter will benefit from the iPod "halo effect".

SG Cowen analyst Richard Chu grew "more positive" on Apple's fortunes after he surveyed 1,400 US consumers.

He describes evidence of a "strong halo effect", strong iPod and strong Mac sales. He predicts revenue of $3.33 billion for Apple's third quarter.

Additional reporting claims the survey reveals that of the respondents who said they had decided to buy a computer in the next 18 months, 7.5 per cent said they were planning on buying a Mac.

SG Cowen expects Apple will capture 3.7 per cent of US PC marketshare by the end of 2005, (currently 3.3 per cent). Apple's slice of the market appears set to grow to 4.2 per cent next year. SG Cowen "believes that 6 per cent is achievable by 2008", Forbes reports.

Apple will reveal its third quarter financial results tonight. The discussion will be made available as an audio webcast in QuickTime format. It begins at 10pm (UK time).