Apple CEO Steve Jobs has revealed that his company has "lots of great things" coming, but refused to elaborate further.

Speaking at the D: All Things Digital conference, Jobs revealed that Apple has "a lot of great things in the lab" and reiterated that his company still believes that the pay-per-song basis of the iTunes Music Store is the right "formula", revealing that Apple is running a book on when Yahoo! will increase the cost of its subscription service, writes Mac Observer.

Yahoo's service allows subscribers to download music from a library of one million songs – and only costs $5 a month. However, the songs are not owned and are therefore lost as soon as the user cancels their subscription.

Jobs also used the conference to embarrass Microsoft chairman Bill Gates. He asked for a show of hands from iPod-owning attendees at the conference and when about half of those attending raised their hands asked Gates: "Bill, do you have your hand up?"