Apple is offering a Web-based troubleshooting assistant for owners of iMac G5s.

The Web-based support solution takes iMac G5 owners through a number of steps in order to troubleshoot problems with their new machine. It covers the most common questions and walks users through a series of time-tested instructions to help resolve issues.

If the iMac G5 needs to be repaired, Apple will send a Do-It-Yourself repair kit, complete with any necessary parts and easy instructions. According to Apple: "Installing parts is easy. Most parts can be installed in less than 30 minutes. No special tools are required."

Should the user be unable to solve the problem it is possible to discuss the issue via a Web chat with a support agent. Apple claims someone will be available "every day from 6.00am to 6.00pm PST".

The iMac support section of the UK site does not yet feature the iMac G5, which currently has a 3 – 4 week wait for orders, according to Apple's UK Store.