Apple is acting to help the most vulnerable of Detroit's school children by financing a new school there.

Declaring Apple to be "coming to the rescue", The Detroit News says the Cupertino company will: "Help finance, equip and advise a small top-quality high school for Detroit students at most risk of being left behind".

"If successful - and Apple has had success with similar efforts in other states - the school will teach all of Michigan how to move from public high schools that churn out graduates unprepared for either work or college, to nimble academies that serve as launching pads for college or advanced training."

Just one-in-four Michigan children manage to gain suitable qualifications to go to college, and half of those who start college fail to graduate, the reports says.

Apple is giving over $1 million across five years to the school.

The new venture is expected to be announced on Tuesday, the report adds.