Apple is benefiting from getting its products into the US's mass-market retailers, but it is unlikely that Apple products will ever be sold in the US's biggest retailer, Wal-Mart, according to analysts.

IDC analyst Roger Kay told China Daily News "You have to be really careful with Wal-Mart because they tend to dictate the terms to their suppliers rather than the other way around."

Tight control

Apple CEO Steve Jobs likes to keep tight control over how and at what prices Apple products are sold, so it is not likely that he would accept Wal-Mart's terms.

Creative Strategies analyst Tim Bajarin said: "Apple won't go in without an agreement that the reseller won't change the suggested retail price. If I'm an investor, I have no concerns about the bottom line."

However, moving to the big retailers would enable Apple to tap into a broader audience. Kay explained: "When you go to the big box retailers, you're talking about Joe America."

Apple's Mac mini is already a hit in another of America's chain stores, Best Buy. Bajarin said: "The Mac mini is at a price that's really attractive to Best Buy customers."