Apple has sought to quell anger over the reconfiguration of its G4s, and its subsequent cancellation of orders.

In a statement, Apple interim CEO Steve Jobs said: "We will honour all orders for our Power Macintosh G4 computers placed before Wednesday, October 13, at the originally quoted prices.

“We will honour orders placed with resellers that were made before that date, if accompanied by purchase order, or a cash or credit-card deposit.”

Jobs continued: "We aim to delight our customers, and we clearly dropped the ball in this instance. We apologize to our customers for upsetting, or disappointing them in the last week. Our actions today will hopefully set things right. As the old business proverb says: 'Good companies make mistakes. Great companies fix them.'"

Customers who ordered the 400 or 450MHz models will get the systems they wanted, at the original price. Customers who ordered the 500MHz model, now delayed until next year, will be offered a 450MHz G4 at the price originally quoted.

The reconfigured line-up of 350MHz, 400MHz and 450MHz machines (See Daily News, "Apple drops G4 speeds") will remain at the revised prices for future purchasers of G4 machines.