Apple is to host this year's 1394 Developer's Conference in Tokyo between June 17-19.

This is the yearly conference of the 1394 Trade Association, the body that works to advance and improve the FireWire standard. The Conference will take place at Apple's Tokyo HQ.

1394 Trade Association executive director James Snider said: "We encourage all companies now working with the 1394/FireWire standard to attend and submit presentation proposals. We've had significant demand from our member companies in Japan, where product development is very significant. Apple has provided us with an excellent opportunity to serve this exciting market."

The event will focus on designing advanced FireWire products using FireWire 800 (1394b). There will also be sessions on home networking; advances in the 1394.1 specification; FireWire's use in industrial and instrumentation systems; and driver development for Apple and Windows-based systems.

Apple, LaCie, and others have begun rolling out products incorporating the new backward-compatible FireWire 800 standard. The standard is expected to appear in a range of consumer-orientated devices later this year.

Companies interested in making presentations at the event should make contact with the Association.