Apple is hosting three intensive sessions that look at how its music-making tools can boost creativity.

The free "Guitarists and the Mac" seminars take place in Dublin (February 27); Manchester (March 1) and London (March 6).

Attendees will be guided through the use of GarageBand, Logic Pro 7 and a variety of powerful third-party plug-ins in an attempt to communicate the potential of digital processes on guitar music composition.

Apple explains: "Today's guitar players have thousands of virtual amplifiers at their fingertips, as well as some truly unique, mind-blowing effects. What's more, unlike most combo or head/cab amps, the Mac lets you combine and layer any number of tones or effects in any order."

The sessions will also look at how guitarists can make like the Arctic Monkeys and use technology to share and promote their music using a Mac.

Location information

Temple Bar Music Centre, Dublin: February 27, 18.30-21.30;
Jilly's Rockworld, Manchester: March 1, 18.30-21.30;
Cargo, Rivington St, London: March 6, 18.30-21.30.