Apple is the most innovative company since 1929, Business Week declared last night.

To celebrate 75 years in publishing, Business Week surveyed 500 senior business executives as to what they thought were the most innovative companies, leaders and inventions since 1929. The survey group was allowed more than one choice in each category.

Apple takes gold

Over a third - 35 per cent - of respondents declared Apple to be the most innovative company; followed by Microsoft at 32 per cent, and Pixar at 31 per cent. Apple CEO Steve Jobs was declared most innovative business leader by 47 per cent of voters and Bill Gates took 50 per cent.

"When asked what they considered to be among the greatest innovations, 49 per cent of business executives named the discovery of DNA, after the personal computer and the Internet", reports Business Week.

Another 34 per cent of respondents named the television, and more than a quarter named the polio vaccine.

When asked what they considered to be the greatest barriers or threats to future US innovation, executives cited reduced R&D spending (46 per cent), the public education system (45 per cent) and corporate bureaucracy (36 per cent).