Apple has bundled its Final Cut Pro HD, Motion, and DVD Studio Pro 3 software into a single suite for film and video called Production Suite.

The integrated suite combines the latest versions of Apple's professional creative applications for £899 including VAT.

Apple's vice president of applications marketing Rob Schoeben said: "Production Suite delivers a complete real-time production workflow in a box at an incredible price. Production Suite ushers in a new era of production workflows with round tripping – allowing creative pros to build stunning motion graphics in Motion, transfer them seamlessly to Final Cut Pro movies or author professional quality DVDs with DVD Studio Pro."

According to Apple, Production Suite provides seamless integration with common user interface elements such as the timeline, keyboard commands and media browsers that make it easy to learn and move quickly from one application to another. Complete edited timelines with cuts, layers, motion paths and composite modes made in Final Cut Pro HD can also be directly opened in Motion, providing a streamlined workflow.

Production Suite also includes the professional audio scoring capabilities of the Soundtrack music composition application, LiveType 1.2 for resolution independent animated titling, Compressor 1.2 for HD encoding, Cinema Tools for filmmakers working with 35mm or 16mm film and QuickTime Pro.

Integration specification

Final Cut Pro HD – launched at NAB in April – adds real-time performance native HD, to the existing real-time support for DV and SD. It is also able to capture, edit and output broadcast-quality HD video over a single FireWire cable without compromising the professional image quality – an industry first says Apple. Final Cut Pro HD supports native DVCPRO HD editing with no recompression or image degradation and enables HD monitoring on an Apple Cinema HD Display with the new Digital Cinema Desktop feature.

Motion – also launched at NAB and shipping now – offers real-time design and animation techniques and instant previewing of filters and particle effect. A new animation feature called Behaviors applies the principles of procedural animation to easily create natural fluid motions and sophisticated multi- layered animations, without using complex keyframes, according to Apple.

DVD Studio Pro 3 is Apple's professional DVD authoring application for DVD design and authoring. It features a new Graphical View for easy visualization of a project's entire flow and includes Compressor 1.2, the latest version of Apple's revolutionary digital media encoding and compression tool for high-quality HD to MPEG-2 encoding. DVD Studio Pro 3 also offers DTS and Dolby audio support for higher quality in 5.1 surround sound.

Soundtrack provides more than 4,000 professionally-recorded audio loops and sound effects, with real-time pitch and tempo adjusted loop matching. It also includes 30 powerful audio plug-ins that scale so users can easily migrate their projects to Apple's Logic Pro 6, for continued work in other multi-track environments.