Apple and Intel are spearheading work to develop a new standard to get video from computers to HD televisions and PC displays.

The Unified Display Interface (UDI) is likely to replace the analogue VGA standard. UDI will be compatible with most existing digital screen standards, a report on EE Times claims.

It will also be able to use High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) technology, meaning host platforms will be able to plug into so-equipped screens "with full content-use rights management and high-definition video compatibility", the report explains.

Other companies involved in developing the standard include: LG Electronics, National Semiconductor, Samsung and Silicon Image. nVidia, Thine Electronics, Foxconn and JAE Electronics are also contributing to the development.

The standard isn't expected to emerge until the second quarter of 2006, but when it does will offer a unified single connection between computers, screens and TVs.

Apple has been working closely with Intel since its June 2005 announcement that, starting in 2006, selected new Macs will start using Intel processors rather than IBM/Feeescale G5/G4 chips. Apple hopes to have moved all its Macs to Intel by the end of 2007.