The man who founded Apple's Human Interface Group, Bruce 'Tog' Tognazzini, believes Web designers should apply certain rules in their work.

"Keep it useful, keep it swift and then add showmanship", he told the BBC, comparing the way the Internet works to the way stage magicians do their tricks.

"Both are based on illusion and misdirection, making us believe something which is not real and doesn't actually exist," he said.

Tognazzini believes these rules to be true in computing. Citing Apple's trash can icon, he said: "We thought it was really cool at the time." However, when a document is dragged to Trash it isn't really deleted – it's still on the drive, he points out.

With 14 years at Apple under his belt, Tognazzini is now an interface consultant and principal at the Nielsen Norman Group. His advice has been sought by a number of major clients, including 4D, Adobe, Apple, HP, Polaroid and Xerox. He holds 45 patents on his own account.