Apple's 20GB iPod is now available with a colour screen.

The company has dropped the 30GB version of the iPod from its range and is now offering 20GB and 60GB versions. This means that all white iPods now include colour screens and are equipped to play photo slideshows. The U2 Special Edition iPod has not missed out on the update - that black-and-red iPod also now features a colour screen.

Apple's vice president of iPod Product Marketing Greg Joswiak said: "iPod customers love to enhance their listening experience with colour. By simplifying our iPod lineup to include 20GB and 60GB models with color screens and the new Podcast menu, iPod and iTunes provide the world's easiest and appealing way to discover, subscribe, manage and listen to Podcasts."

Both white iPods will now offer 15-hours of battery life, according to Apple. The 20GB iPods previously only offered 12-hours of power.

The 60GB iPod holds up to 25,000 digital photos, and the 20GB iPod holds up to 20,000 digital photos.

The 20GB retails at £209 in the UK - the same price as the previous 20GB model. The 30GB model had retailed at £249.

The U2 iPod now costs £229 - it was £249 previously.

The 60GB costs £299. The previous model cost £309.

The price of the 1GB iPod shuffle has also been decreased. That device now retails for £89 rather than £99.

The price of the iPod minis has not changed. The 4GB version retails at £139 and the 6GB at £169.

The iPods will also offer an easy to use Podcast menu, including bookmarking within a Podcast and the ability to display Podcast artwork in colour. Apple also annouced a new version of iTunes with Podcasting features.

Apple has removed the Firewire cable from the 20GB iPod, meaning that the range of iPods no longer comes with a Firewire cable. Mac users who prefer Firewire - much hyped by Apple in the past - can buy a Firewire cable separately.