Apple has launched an in-depth investigation into alleged corruption of iBook disks.

A section of Apple's Tech Exchange has been set up to look into the issue, with a request for users to submit first-hand reports of the problem.

The problem causes the iBook to start up with a flashing question mark. The hard drive still does not mount when a user attempts to start from the System CD, and Disk First Aid reports damage it cannot repair. Apple's own notes state that: "The only fix is to reinitialize the drive."

Apple is asking any iBook customers encountering this problem to send in Apple System Profile reports generated on computers suffering from these symptoms: "We only want reports from computers suffering this exact symptom. If Disk First Aid "Repaired" damage or if the drive shows up when you start to the CD, you have something else happening, and simply need to reinstall the system software."

If your iBook is suffering similar problems, visit Apple's Support Forum for further instructions.