Apple technology may have handed England its 3-0 victory against Switzerland last week.

Segments of video briefly available online clearly shows that some England footballers like to chill out before a match – by listening to their favourite tracks on an iPod.

The video shows the team arriving for last week's match: and Emile Heskey and Kieran Dyer are clearly seen wired up to their music player of choice, Apple's iPod.

This isn't the only way Apple helps football. Macworld Award-winning company Miglia's "Extra Man" solution is already helping boost performance at Norwich City Football Club, and has reportedly now also been licensed by Manchester United.

This solution uses Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro on a G4 PowerBook, along with Miglia's Director's Cut 2 to analyze player performance on the fly using software called SportsCode.

The combined solution lets Norwich City's coaches statistically analyze captured footage fast. "With some systems you have to wait two or three days to get the information you want. That's not acceptable in the world of football. We need it to be real-time. We can now use video feedback at half time or even during a game," said sports scientist Dave Carolan.

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