Apple has confirmed Macworld UK's exclusive report that its new iPod minis will ship later than planned.

UK resellers had told Macworld of their concerns that shortages of the product in the US market would delay Apple's plans to launch iPod mini internationally.

Apple today admitted this was the case, and delayed worldwide availability of the product until July, "due to the much stronger than expected demand in the US".

The company admits that US demand alone "far exceeds" the total planned supply of iPod minis until the end of June.

"Apple expects to ramp up its manufacturing of the iPod mini to meet worldwide demand in the July quarter," the company said.

Apple executive vice president of worldwide sales and operations Tim Cook tried to explain: "The iPod mini is a huge hit with customers in the US and we're sure it will be the same worldwide once we can ramp up our supply in the July quarter.

"The iPod mini adds further momentum to the iPod, which is already the leading digital music player in the world," he added.