Initial attempts to steal Apple's iPod marketshare aren't achieving traction, recent figures from researchers at The NPD Group imply.

September's figures show Apple's iPod with an 87.3 per cent share, and the Apple iPod from HP with a 3.6 per cent share. This combines to a 90.9 per cent share, down slightly from the Apple-only 92 per cent share in August.

The period also reflects a month in which third-party Apple resellers in the UK complained of constraint across all the company's product channels at a time in which the market for hard drive-base music players grew 12 per cent, according to NPD.

While some reports describe Apple as losing market share (The MacObserver reports that third place player in the space, Rio, grabbed just 2.8 per cent of the market), it is worth noting that September also saw several new products from other manufacturers reach market. Rio gained just 0.5 percentage points in the period.

Flash-based music player sales grew 21 per cent from the previous month.