Apple has yet another hit on its hands with the new iPod shuffle, with a four-week waiting list already in the US.

Meanwhile, Apple's director of worldwide iPod marketing Stan Ng has dismissed the idea that Apple will introduce a video-capable iPod.

"There is no legal way today of taking a DVD and making it viewable on a portable device. There are issues with video, and no infrastructure for acquiring that content." he said.

Discussing the new iPod shuffle, he said: "We wanted to create a whole different way of experiencing music with a small player."

The new device costs either £69 (512MB) or £99 (1GB), yet already shows customers a four-week wait before shipment on the US Apple Store. A two to four week delay is also confirmed on the UK Apple Store.

Consumer frenzy drives shuffle to a high

US reports suggest brisk sales across Apple's network of retail stores, which are, "being plucked off shelves as quickly as they appear in stores", according to the Post Telegram. The first 100 to reach that reporter's local store sold out within an hour.

"Apple spokeswoman Natalie Keriss said there's no way to track when they'll arrive in particular stores," the report adds, explaining that local managers at Circuit City and Best Buy are still waiting for stock to come in.

The product is the top-selling device on Apple's UK online store, followed by the iPod mini, Mac mini and iPod.

As ever, the debut of the iPod shuffle has sparked the first signs of creative new uses of the product, with designer Elizabeth HItchcock working with others to offer custmized 'iPod shuffle jewelry'. Visit for more information.