While Apple's enterprise offering grows ever stronger, dyed-in-the-wool IT bosses remain unwilling to abandon existing systems, according to Silicon.com.

"Leading IT bosses claim that despite Apple's recent revival - largely around its consumer products - the company will continue to have little impact on corporate IT strategies," the report explains.

As proof of this, the publication referred the matter to its jury of corporate IT decision-makers. Some dismissed Apple's offerings to the sector as "irrelevance", others termed it "proprietary" and over-priced.

Supply, price and integration issued were also cited as factors preventing corporate migration. Others recognise the increasing adoption of Mac systems as rationale for delivering better Mac support on the Web.

However Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein CIO JP Rangaswami called Mac OS X "Linux with quality assurance and style", suggesting businesses will be forced to consider it.