Apple has issued a memo to UK resellers regarding noise issues with the Power Mac G5.

One UK reseller told Macworld that the channel has received instructions from Apple suggesting ways in which noise associated with the Dual 1.8GHz Power Mac G5 can be reduced.

According to the memo, noise is associated with external professional audio-equipment experienced in the form of "beeps and hisses". Apple is "willing to replace the power supply" for those experiencing such problems.

However it notes noise will be "reduced, but not eliminated, even if the power supply is replaced".

It goes on to say the noise may be "acoustic noise" associated with the power supply. In this instance Apple suggests "earthing" amplifiers and other relevant peripherals.

Another suggestion is that customers modify their Energy Saver preferences: "In the Options tab, a pop-up menu offers the options of Automatic, Highest, or Reduced. The Automatic and Reduced items will reduce, but not eliminate, the noise level."

Apple's forum on the G5 includes a number of references to noise issues. These include a "little chirp in the speakers" when the internal disk is making a larger seek, concerns about the noise generated by the seven fans, and noises associated with the PCI sound card.

One person states: "My otherwise extremely quiet G5 exhibits a high-pitched whine when I'm working certain apps. The worst offender is Dreamweaver MX 2004. Whenever I move the mouse while working in Dreamweaver the whine starts. It also happens infrequently in iTunes."

Macworld is awaiting comment from Apple on this issue.