Apple has been heralded IT's "brightest spot" during the industry's prevailing down turn.

Technical director of the InfoWorld Test Center Tom Yager said: "Surely the brightest spot in this dull economy is Apple."

He added that Apple took a "chance" on the release of Mac OS X – Apple's operating system – but that it had become an "unqualified hit".

He claimed: "After years of pumping out great-looking niche machines, Apple took the chance that the general market would go for a Unix box if it was done properly. Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server are unqualified hits on everything from notebooks through entry servers. Developers are climbing onto the platform in droves, as well they should."

He further boosted Apple, complimenting its strategy for success: "Apple is a serious player in the broad IT market now. As did the other success stories of this recession, Apple got there by turning to its customers instead of putting the squeeze on them when times got tough."