Apple has issued an update to iTunes 11. The new version of iTunes 11.0.1 has all the features found in iTunes 11 but re-introduces the Display Duplicate Items that was missing from iTunes 11. We found that iTunes 11 was substantially faster than iTunes 10 in our performance testing, however.

In our iTunes 11 review we said "We're not sure why this has been removed. The ability to view duplicate files is vital for cleaning up the iTunes Library, and iTunes Match has made it more likely for you to end up with multiple editions of the same track – not less." The return of View Duplicates is a welcome re-introduction.

The new look iTunes 11

iTunes 11.0.1 also fixes problems with iCloud and iTunes Match where purchases may not appear in your library when iTunes Match is turned on. Apple also claims the update makes iTunes more responsive when searching a large library. 

iTunds 11.0.1 also fixes a problem where the AirPlay button may not appear in iTunes as excepted. Apple also claims that the update contains several important stability and performance improvements.

iTunes 11 was a controversial update to Apple's classic music and streaming software with a radical new interface, and MiniPlay view. Many users love the new Up Next feature, but some people find it frustrating and have expressed the preference for iTunes 10.

The update is now availalbe via Mac OS X 10 Software Update and the App Store.

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