Apple is celebrating the imminent sale of its 100 millionth track with a massive promotional giveaway, and independent developer Jon Maddox has built a Widget for Konfabulator to help music fans get their hands on Apple's freebies.

Announcing the giveaway – which is available to customers in the UK, US, France and Germany, Apple said: "As the number of songs downloaded from Apple’s iTunes Music Store crosses 95 million, Apple will begin the countdown to 100 million songs by giving away 50 special 20GB iPods – one to the purchaser of each 100,000th song downloaded between 95 million and 100 million songs."

Apple is offering the person who downloads the 100 millionth song a 17-inch PowerBook, 40GB iPod, and a gift certificate for 10,000 iTunes songs.

Maddox's free widget for Konfabulator offers music lovers desktop access to Apple's song sale counter, which is currently hosted on the front page of Apple's site. Code to place this information on an existing Web page is also available.

Desktop access to this information may help music lovers by helping them buy their music at the precise point when song sales cross the 100,000 limit – though. Thanks to for this report.