Apple's iTunes Music Store is offering a first-of-a-kind product to US Hip-Hop fans.

Hip-Hop culture has supported a phenomenon called 'mixtapes' for years; Apple is offering a monthly legal 'mixtape' for download through the store. At present, fans can download a 29-minute mix for free, and can also download the original tracks for $0.79.

The first Apple legal mixtape is called, 'Street Official Mixtape, Vol 1', a report claims.

The genre began in the streets of New York, where they can be purchased in markets and at blanket stalls. Speaking to MTV, a trader called Ra-Lou, said: "Mixtapes are selling way more than regular CDs".

Apple's digital mixtape will be changed each month. The release is in recognition of Hip-Hop history Month. Each month, DJ 'Winta', (also known as 'Big Young') promises a new mixtape filled with the, "most authentic hip-hop material in the iTunes Music Store - new releases, exclusives, test presses, underground, hip-hop classics and more".

The collection is not yet available outside the US.