Some Macworld Online readers have experienced problems using the UK iTunes Music Store in recent days.

Letters received by Macworld confirm multiple instances in which users trying to access the UK store find themselves "trapped" in the US store, or are told to upgrade their copy of iTunes to version 4.6 - even though they have already done so.

The problems appear to be intermittent, one reader wrote: "It works for hours, then stops for hours." He added, "Apple says nothing about it. the company simply sends out instructions to try to fix it yourself."

Another reader observed: "I've had a few problems with the UK Store over the last month or so." Other reports confirm similar problems in Germany.

Multiple posts on Apple's own 'Discussions' support Web site confirm problems are afflicting some - but not all - users. It appears Apple support is requesting information concerning individual user's preference files, and asks users to reset their preferences. However, this fix does not appear to offer consistent salvation.

Another reader reports being directed to Spanish-language versions of some Abba songs.

It is known that Apple is on-track to launch a pan-European iTunes Music Store service this month.

Apple has not yet responded to a request for information on this matter.