Apple boss Steve Jobs kept it quiet, but it seems the company's in-development iTV device sports its very own hard drive.

Speaking at a Goldman Sachs conference, Walt Disney Co CEO Robert Iger confirmed Apple's future device will have a hard drive.

Iger also confirmed that Disney has sold $1 million value of movies through iTunes since Apple launched its movie download service last week.

Jobs offered only a slight glimpse at Apple's forthcoming device for streaming media held within an iTunes collection on a networked computer to a television.

He described iTV (which should ship in the first half of 2007 under a different name) as offering a range of connectivity options to get iTunes content onto a TV. The device will stream content from computers in the home to the big box.

It will do this using either ethernet or WiFi. It will be controlled by an Apple Remote and a Front Row-like interface visible on the TV screen.

Discussing iTV, Iger said: "It can stream (content) live through the box to the TV and has a small hard drive.

"I saw it in a living room setting. It felt like a game changer to me in many respects. As the content provider we are, that was very exciting," Iger added.

He called the device "relatively easy to use" and "compelling".