Apple may be considering adding a radio to the iPod, a feature that 37 per cent of Macworld readers were calling for back in October 2003.

The iPod Division is looking to recruit a RF Hardware Engineer. The job description on Apple's Web site states that: "This person will work as a member of a cross-functional team responsible for design, implementation, and system integration.

"Needs to have knowledge of communication circuits and interest in physical principles utilized in modern radio communication devices, thorough knowledge of modulation methods, coding, compression or encryption. Also essential is a working knowledge of EM fields and antennas as applied to radio communication devices.

"Additional consideration will be given to experience with standard wireless protocols. Duties include system simulation including channel impairments and interference, schematic capture, guidance of PCB design, prototype bring-up and debugging, hardware bug tracking, functional verification, signal characterization, and manufacturing support."

A Macworld reader and electronics engineer is doubtful that this news means Apple will add radio to its iPpod products. He said: "As an electronics engineer, I can tell you that this job has very little indeed to do with integrating an FM radio into the iPod. If Apple did want to integrate an FM radio, this could easily be done by the existing iPod team, in that it requires the addition of only one tiny I.C. (integrated circuit). With an FM radio, the earphone cable would double as the antenna."

"I would say that it is much more likely that such an RF engineer would be working with the Bluetooth, WiFi and UltraWide-Band (if Apple's working on that yet) engineering teams," he explained.

Apple is also seeking hardware engineers with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi experience for the iPod division. Details of all jobs at Apple can be found here.