Apple's vice president of application marketing Rob Schoeben will join music and technology executives to discuss and examine digital-media opportunities at New York's Digital Music Forum 2004.

There will be five panels and three keynotes focused on the future of music.

The first panel will discuss Selling Music Online. The success of Apple's iTunes Music Store, described as "the early leader in the fast-growing market for downloadable music", will be examined, as will Apple CEO Steve Jobs recent claim that "between the license fees and the credit-card charges, there's no money in online music".

The panel will discuss whether Apple's competitors in this market can survive and whether there is a viable business model for selling music online. It will also evaluate whether licensed services can compete with free downloads from file-sharing networks.

The panel will be moderated by David Card of Jupiter Research, and panellists will include MusicMatch's Peter Csathy, Laura Goldberg of Napster, Ellie Hirschhorn of MusicNet, MusicNow CEO Scott Kauffman, PaymentOne VP Tom Gensch, and Rob Schoeben of Apple.

The event will take place in New York's French Institute on March 1.