Apple UK's project – called the Newsroom – with the Guardian and Observer newspapers has been a huge success, Apple claims.

The papers recently opened the Newsroom, which offers visitors access to a huge collection of archive materials collected by the newspapers over the last two centuries.

There's an educational element to the project, called The Schoolroom. This provides 16 flat-panel iMacs running Adobe InDesign 2.0.

School report The Schoolroom has proven a success since it opened in June, Apple says. Senior education officer Margaret Holborn explained: "Response has been fantastic. It's all been word of mouth, and they are coming from as far as Devon and Warwick."

School parties visit The Schoolroom to learn how newspapers work, the story explains. They begin by looking at what's in the news that day, and then watch a demonstration of how a front page is made. Kids then make their own front pages using Macs and InDesign.

Holborn claims it's a frantic exercise – just like a real newsroom. He addds: "They really are in charge – from about 45 minutes in, it’s all their choices. They have to complete the process by 2 O’clock and the last hour’s really quite frantic as they rush around trying to hit their deadline.”

Alan Rusbridger, editor of the Guardian, said: "The Newsroom hopes to provide a forum for ideas and a location for debates which will extend the news agenda of the papers. Education for all ages is central to the purpose of the building, as is a wish to forge a closer relationship between the papers and the public."

Both the Newsroom and Schoolroom are open to the public free of charge five days a week.