It is now cheaper to add a 768GB of flash storage to your iMac.

It used to cost £1,040 to add a 768GB SSD to the build to order iMac, now that cost has fallen by £320 to £720.

MacObserver noted the price cut, and while it's unclear when the change happened, they suggest that on 10 January the higher price was still being charged.

We know that Apple made the amendment before 15 February as Apple was charging £720 for the flash memory upgrade when we wrote about buying a Mac on that day.

Yesterday we reported that Apple is said to be developing a 2TB solid state drive for a new Mac Pro.

In January Crucial announced that they have nearly managed to create a 1TB flash drive. The Crucial M500 SSD comes in 120, 240, 480, and 960GB capacities. With the largest capacity drive selling for £450 (including VAT).

Unfortunately, as far as we can tell, the new iMac won't allow the installation of a third-party solid-state drive. It appears that you won't be able to add your own SSD because the connectors are Apple proprietary.

It is not even possible to upgrade the RAM in the 21.5in iMac as the RAM slots in that machine are not accessible. The 27in model can be equipped with 32GB RAM and these slots are accessible.

As noted by iFixIt, the new iMac, thanks to its ultra slim bezel, is not particularly upgradable (which negatively impacts reparability). As iFixIt noted: "We were quite worried when we saw that super-thin bezel during Apple's keynote, and unfortunately we were correct: the glass and LCD are now glued to the iMac's frame with incredibly strong adhesive. Gone are the lovely magnets that held the glass in place in iMacs of yesteryear."

While the RAM, hard drive, and CPU can be replaced, the entire logic board must be removed to do so, according to iFixIt.  

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