Apple has published information to support the iLife Curriculum Expansion Packs developed by UK education software maker, Kudlian Soft.

These packs were launched last month at UK education show, BETT 2005. The packs extend the features of iLife, with one allowing pupils to incorporate data and charts in graphic format within an iMovie project; while the other lets pupils construct a series of weather forecast charts in order to present them just like TV weathercasters do.

Gary Atkinson, who is the technical director of the software company explained the inspiration behind the packs: "Some ideas come out of the blue, others dawn on you more slowly - this was definitely one of those that took a while to click.

"Over the last couple of years we’d noticed that more and more teachers were using digital video in the classroom - and that in most cases they did it with iLife on the Mac. We knew that as an educational software company, this was an area we had to address."

The use of software packages such as iLife and new technology such as video in UK classrooms is changing the way kids learn and teachers teach, Apple maintains. "As fundamental a shift as moving from pen and paper to a word processor".

Atkinson told Apple: "Luckily, iMovie’s capabilities can be expanded through the use of plug-ins, so we were able to create a product that could render a graph directly into a video clip or still image. With our plug-in installed, iMovie treats our graphs as a special effect, allowing them to be applied to any type of clip."

More iLife expansion packs are planned for imminent release.

Single-user licenses for the packs cost £29.95, educational and bulk discount deals are available.