Apple has finally given UK iPod owners a break.

The company slashed the cost of replacing an iPod with a faulty battery for US customers in July, but in the UK and Europe the "Battery Replacement Scheme" appeared mired in confusion.

No one at Apple was able to clarify if the price for the scheme here remained at its original £79, leading many iPod users to feel ripped off.

The reduced US price is $59 plus shipping.

Macworld UK began a campaign on behalf of its readers, demanding Apple clarify its position.

Apple sources remained unable to confirm what Apple is charging UK iPod owners for the service for two months.

This morning that changed. Apple cut its prices this morning.

"The fee at an Apple retail store is £49. The suggested Apple List Price at an Apple Authorised Service Provider is £49 in the UK and €69 in Ireland", the company's website confirms. All prices include VAT.

An online scheme also exists. This scheme lets users post their iPods to Apple with the company then replacing their device with a refurbished model of the same type.

"The online program costs £69 plus £7.29 shipping, or €99, plus €12.10 shipping in Ireland. The total online program cost is £76.29 per unit in the UK and €111.10 in Ireland," Apple now reveals.

More information on the scheme is available online.