Apple has launched six UK-specific 'Get a Mac' ads, featuring comedy duo David Mitchell and Robert Webb — also known as flatmates Mark and Jeremy from Channel 4’s Peep Show.

The new ads emulate the form and feel of the company's existing US ad spots, with a little added sparkle of UK humour. The six skits include: 'Office at Home', 'Restarting', 'Virus', 'Trust Mac', 'Tentacle' and 'Pie Chart'. There are no plans as yet to air the ads on UK TV, but they will be seen at outdoor locations, in print and at the cinema.

All six ads are available to view online now in QuickTime format.

The 'Tentacle' spot is particularly telling. It shows the two characters (PC and Mac) discussing why UK workers toil for longer hours for less holiday time than anywhere else in Europe.

"Smashing, isn't it?" asks a typically pro-business PC. "What about the other side of life?" asks Mac, referring to taking snaps of family moments and seeing friends. "Ah," responds PC, "So you'd have them bunking off home?" PC then offers the Mac a little advice pertaining to the realities of profit-obsessed UK business, "you have to be driven, focused...".

mmitchel and webb get a mac

That focus on UK corporate thinking also continues in 'Office at Home', in which PC speculates that the way to make homes more efficient would be to give everyone job titles. The Mac really isn't impressed.

In Pie Chart, a methodical PC tries to use its spreadsheet capabilities to create a chart of a family holiday.

The Restart skit shows the two characters introducing themselves, unfortunately the PC character keeps crashing.

Finally two of the ads focus on viruses and spyware, stressing that its worth getting a Mac just to avoid these.